4 Ways to Make Money As A Graphic Designer

I bet people like your parents or your friends have told you that there is no way to make money as a graphic designer. This is old ideology that people believe that being an artist you don’t get money or that you’ll never make enough money as a normal artist to live off, cos that’s just what the cultural norm is right?

I mean who’s going to want to buy your work? Who’s going to commission you to actually make a graphic design work for their company? Who’s going to want to put the company’s future in your hands?

make money as a graphic designer

But on the other hand you’ve seen people on the Internet like me, on Instagram, freelance sites and all over the place and you realize that they are making money and if they can make money I can definitely make money. For some people, that is how they live.

So here are 4 different ways to make money as a graphic designer!

1. Paying Clients

The first way is the most obvious way and it’s one we all think of and it’s called Client Work. As people with the expertise in graphic design, we can be hired out by different companies and commissioned by different people to do work for them.

If you are a graphic designer then normally this will be business cards, flyer designs, stationery and things like that. Companies will commission you to create the best artwork that is most functional for them because they know that you are good at what you do. And they want to make sure you make them more money by making their advertisement look better.

Client work is the most obvious choice to make money and it is where everyone starts and it’s a goal to get some flow of clients work.

2. Passive Income

While freelancing is a great way to start making money as a graphic designer, client work can often dry up. You might run into times or even long periods where you are not receiving any work and no money is coming in, so what do you do?

You can still use your skills to make money by doing passive income. This is basically when you invest in one thing and that thing keeps paying you, even when you sleep.

For example, when I put up videos on Youtube, you may see ads on the video and you may see a sponsorship on it, I get paid for the ads that are on these videos. The ones you see before and the ones you see within the videos. When I am asleep and you are watching these adverts, I am getting a certain revenue share from Youtube.

As designers getting paid in passive income on a regular basis is a good way of making sure that when client work dies out you are still getting money at the end of the month.

Passive income can be made in many ways, not just from Youtube, I’ll go through a couple more.

3. Selling Products

As designers and creative people we are making things look good and we like to make things look good and this means people like to view the things we make, and you can actually sell products that you make.

For example there are lots of digital artists like myself out there like on Facebook and Instagram, that would sell on websites like Society6, FineArtAmerica, RedBubble, DarkTech, Etsy and different websites where they can sell t-shirts, mugs and different merchandise so they make a bit of money back.

For designers like myself we like to create what is known as a digital product. Digital products are much easier to sell than actual normal physical products. All you do is you have to upload the file  that you created and anyone who buys it will get a download link in their email and you don’t have to worry about the inventory or stock of how many you’ve got because it’s an unlimited amount.

So if you’re wanting to make money as a designer you can do what many other people do, you can specialize in creating Photoshop brushes and packages, posters, vector arts, plugins, themes and templates, fonts, all for people and companies that will buy from you . Or you can sell t-shirts, hoodies, hats, or any other apparel and merchandise online with your artwork on it.

4. Teaching What You Know

The last way I recommend to make money online as a graphic designer is by teaching. This is a multi-billion dollar industry now because people are now seeing that learning online is probably more effective than going to a night class or probably being taught by someone else in a mentoring session.

Sometimes it’s even better and you can get these teachings or training on demand wherever you are in the world and at any level of skill you are.  You can learn directly from the people you are inspired by, so creating online courses for you may be the thing that you need to do.

But the number one reason I hear a lot of people saying they can’t teach graphic design is because they don’t know enough about it. I believe eveyone has the ability to teach what they know because all you need to do is to teach what you know. Most things about graphic design have already been taught, either on Youtube or having a book somewhere … no one is saying anything different really but what is happening is  everyone’s putting their own unique characteristics into teaching.

So if you’re looking to actually teach a course to make a bit of money on the side as well as your client work then you can go to websites like Skillshare where they will actually pay you for putting courses out there.

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Thanks for reading, remain blessed and motivated.

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  1. john says:

    Great article! Having the ability to make passive income can really give anyone the freedom to afford a better lifestyle! Good post man. Thank you for this!.

  2. Matt says:

    Great article! Having the ability to make passive income can really give anyone the freedom to afford a better lifestyle! Good post man. Thank you for this!.

  3. Lloyd Budd says:

    Some of this stuff I am already more than aware of but its nice to read it again, from others, and to pick on other things. Thanks.

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